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Cousin Stanley CousinStanley at
Fri Mar 26 00:14:51 CET 2004

| How can I know a module take how much time? Thanks for any hints. 

Yang ....

    One simple method is to use the   time  module
    and call the  time()  function before and after 
    the block of code that you want to check  ....  

import time

beg  = time.time()
nLoops = 100000 

for i in range( nLoops ) : 
    i += 1

end = time.time()
dt    = end - beg

print '\n    nLoops :  %d, took %9.6f Seconds' % ( nLoops , dt ) 

Also, for Python 2.3 there is a  timeit  module 
that is a bit more sophisticated .... 

import timeit 
help( timeit )

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