Python for email?

Donn Cave donn at
Sun Mar 28 03:31:28 CEST 2004

Quoth claird at (Cameron Laird):
| ...  Here's what I should have written before: 
|   smtplib is great.  If you get in the habit of using
|   it to connect directly to the far endpoint, as I do,
|   you risk the surprise of finding situations where a
|   local MTA is an advantage.  In any case, though,
|   smtplib can always be configured do at least as much
|   for you as shelling out to a local mailer.

Of course there's no guarantee that a connection to localhost
is going to work, either - not all hosts accept incoming mail.
But it probably isn't a great idea to try to send it right to
the recipient's doorstep, especially if you're not prepared to
look up DNS MX records.

Some sites provide a host just for this purpose, for use by
desktop mail software and other similar applications.

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