drowning newbie

midtoad stewart at midtoad.homelinux.org
Sat Mar 13 05:20:43 CET 2004

elizabeth fletcher wrote:

> Actually, I have the .pyd file (which I understand is basically a dll
> file)
> and placed it in the DLL directory in the PYTHON23 directory.  In the
> interactive window I type "import calldll" and I get an error
> (ImportError:
> DLL load failed: The specified module could not be found)    I shoudn't if
> the dll is installed correctly.....right?

instead of trying this in a Python shell, try a small python program that
does nothing more than "import calldll" and then run it from the command
line.  Sometimes by doing that you'll get more information that helps you
find the problem. You don't happen to have other versions of the thing on
your hard drive, do you?

Also try adding to your Windows path statement. 

But I'm no expert, I can't get GTK+ running under Windows. 

I took a look at calldll and see that it's a graphics library - are you
thinking of doing some GUI work?   If so, you might find other choices
easier to work with. easygui, for easiest possible approach, and Tkinter,
for the best-documented approach.  (though GTK is not far behind on
documentation, it's a bear to install on Win32. 


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