py2exe question

Thu Mar 25 09:11:49 CET 2004

How about only releasing the compiled python code (.pyc) for the scripts you
don't want to see changed, and the full code for that one script you want to
allow people to change?

(I don't know how easily pyc code can be reverse engineered, so this might
not be as "secure" as it sounds)

"Guy Robinson" <guy at> wrote in message
news:c3tce0$4fn$1 at
> I want to package a program (using py2exe) that utilises a number of
> python scripts so that people can't see or change the source code. But
> there is one python script containing some functions I do want the user
> to be able to change. Then when they run the program again these
> functions are available to the main program. Is this possible? How could
> I do it?
> Guy

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