How to use Sockets with wxPython?

jblazi jblazi at
Fri Mar 12 22:04:02 CET 2004

I am having this problem:
I use Python for my teaching and right now we are trying to implement some
sort of very simple graphical game the pupils can play across the
Internet. For this, we use wxPython.

Now it has turned out that wxPython does not implement wxWidget sockets,
so we have to use Python sockets instead. Implementing a separate thread
for this would be too complicated and I am going to use the wxIdle event
to do the socket processing, as the amount of data sent from one player to
the other is very small.

Could somebody show me, how to use Pythin socket in "polling mode" and
how to achieve this? I am not expecting a complete program, an outline of
the logic woul suffice.



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