Advice needed: large OpenGL + Widgets Project for Molecular Graphics

Greg Couch gregc at
Thu Mar 18 00:24:59 CET 2004

Just wanted to put a plug for our Python-controlled molecular viewer,
see  We use Togl and Tkinter and
while I'm annoyed that my patches to Togl were never accepted, I use
them and they're on sourceforge.  There are chimera distributions for
x86-Windows, x86-linux/X11, OS X/X11, OS X/Aqua, Irix/X11, and
Tru64/X11.  We've gone to bundling everything up into one
self-extracting zip file (a disk image for OS X) to avoid the hassle of
having the user install the 20 different packages that we depend on.
Chimera is only 90% open source at this time but for anybody who will
really do something with the source, we'll open up the rest (except for
the MSMS package from Scripps that we have no control over).

	Good luck,

	Greg Couch
	UCSF Computer Graphics Lab
	gregc at cgl dot ucsf dot edu

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