OFF-TOPIC:: Why Lisp is not my favorite programming language

Joe Marshall jrm at
Wed Mar 3 16:03:12 CET 2004

nobody_u_should_no at (nobody) writes:

> This article is posted at the request of C.W. Yang who
> asked me to detail my opinion of Lisp, and for the benefit
> of people like him, who may find themselves intrigued by
> this language.

Did he ask you to post this article in these newsgroups?


Why did you not post it comp.lang.lisp where it would be at least

> Due to time constraints, I will refrain from posting any
> follow-ups here.

If you do not intend to engage in convesation, why are you posting it?

> This article is a collection of facts anyone interested in
> Lisp should know about.

Is there some reason anyone should take `nobody' at yahoo seriously?

> Look up "a public apology" thread started by Pascal Costanza as an
> excellent example.

What does such a personal matter have to do with the language?

> I do not hate Lisp, and I think it was a fine tool decades
> ago, and I am not going to say "Lisp sucks".  However, now
> that we have superior languages for coding close to the
> iron, high-performance computing, number crunching,
> algorithms, scripting and gluing components together, Lisp
> should be finally retired.

You clearly have some sort of axe to grind.  If you don't like Lisp,
don't use it.

To others, if you are unfamiliar with Lisp you are welcome to read a
rebuttal in comp.lang.lisp

Please direct all followups to comp.lang.lisp

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