Extending Python Syntax with @

Pierre Rouleau prouleau at impathnetworks.com
Thu Mar 11 03:59:12 CET 2004

  > Wouldn't it be nice, for example, if instead of special keywords like
> 'lambda' and 'yield', we had used '@(args)' and '@return'.  ( No, I'm
> not advocating we go back and change what has been done.)  In both
> these cases, we had a well-established syntax that needed a slight
> variation.  

It would not be nice for me either.  I *much* prefer the explicit way of 
Python using explicit keywords than cryptic one.  And besides, if typing 
is an issue, then an editor can be programmed to extend the words as you 
type or insert the keywords.

I really don't see what benefit it would do to Python which is easy to 
learn as it is.

IMHO, I'd stay away from these 'nice' (?) tricks.

Sorry... I do like the zen of the current Python.

Pierre Rouleau

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