Prothon, metaclasses, Zope [Was: A 'Python like' language]

Greg Ewing (using ieyf4fu02 at
Wed Mar 31 07:21:04 CEST 2004

Mark Hahn wrote:
> > But presumably he wants the check done only once, when a subclass is
> > defined, *not* every time said subclass is instantiated.
> You can have a different __init__ for an object and it's prototpe.So the
> Prothon equivalent of a subclass can easily have different __init__
> behaviour than it's child (what you call instance).

Can you post some code illustrating how you would do this
in Prothon? I still can't see how, at the point where you

   X = Base()

anything can tell whether you're intending to use X as
an instance of Base or whether you're going to go on to

   with X:
     def ...

and use X as a prototype which inherits behaviour from
Base. In both cases, Base.__init__ is going to get invoked
before you have a chance to define any other __init__ that
might override it.

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