GUI Frameworks in Python?

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Tue Mar 30 15:18:58 CEST 2004

"Hugh Macdonald" <HughMacdonald at> wrote in message news:<mailman.102.1080629227.20120.python-list at>...
> I've recently been trying out various different GUI frameworks in Python and
> was wondering if I could get your input on the pros and cons of the
> different ones...
> wxPython: I love the programming side of wxPython, but I find it's just so
> slow to initialise in the first place.

Never tried it - see below :-)

> Tkinter: While it's fast to load up, the syntax has never really appealed to
> me

'Programming Python' has an excellent introduction.. so I started with
Tkinter thinking that when I hit restrictions I could move onto wx. I
haven't yet reached the point where Tkinter restricts me. Whereas
there are a couple of widgets missing from the standard distribution,
Tkinter *can* be used to make clean and modern looking interfaces.....
And the syntax isn't too gawky once you've climbed the initial
learning curve.

> GTK: Unknown - I'm looking into it today

Is this Linux only ? 
(pardon my terrible ignorance...)

> Qt: I have yet to manage to install it on my system
Although *technically* cross platform, windoze users can't get a free
version... so I'm never going to bother looking at it...

On the other hand Kodos - (a regular expression tool) has an
'executable' version with the libraries bundled with it. And the GUI
it has is very nice. Whether it would be possible to extract the
windoze libraries from the Kodos executable distribution is an
interesting question - lol.

> Anything else?

Anyway - most of my contribution is mad rambling.....



> Hugh Macdonald

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