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Gerrit gerrit at
Mon Mar 1 22:27:22 CET 2004

sb wrote:
> Is it possible to enable "calltips" while editing python documents
> with vim?

I don't think so.

> I've heard the biggest python gurus use vim. *Please* post some
> screenshots of you in action - some interesting things like
>    - calltips, 
>    - editor-shell interaction
>    - reference manual invocation by keyword from within the editor
>    - object browser, 
>    - etc. 
> Or are you using vim just like C coders do?

I'm using it 'like C coders', if that means that I do happily use syntax
highlighting, auto-indentation and line-numbering, but not anything

Note that I'm not one of the biggest python gurus ;-)


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