Python for large projects

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Tue Mar 23 19:09:17 CET 2004

> assaf__ at wrote:
> > If python is indeed suitable for large projects, how common is it to
> > actually use if for such purposes? Is there perhaps a list of examples of
> > real projects using python?

Here's the thing:  Let's say I'm a start-up working on something big.  If I am using Python for a really big project, given it's rapid ease (speed) of development, and that "common wisdom" might be that such things need to be done in C++, using Python might be my competitive advantage.

No way am I going to tell you that's what I'm using.

We all really have two choices: do our own independent evaluation, or rely on common wisdom.  If you had just wanted to rely on common wisdom, I do not think you would have bothered to ask about Python.

Eric Pederson
"C++ and C# Rule!"

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