Modifying Entry widget diabledforeground in Tkinter...

Eric Brunel eric.brunel at
Fri Mar 5 09:54:05 CET 2004

Rod Stephenson wrote:
> I want to modify an Entry widget to have the disabledforeground color
> be black rather than grey (so that in certain circumstances the widget
> acts as a label for displaying some stuff; the normal gray disabled
> foreground color isnt really readable).
> In Tk this is just a matter of using configure -disabledforeground
> but this seems not to be an option with Tkinter.

I may be wrong, but AFAIK, the options you pass to the configure methods or used 
when creating an object are just passed almost "as is" to the tcl layer by 
Tkinter. So, except in very special cases, there can't be an option available in 
tk that isn't in Tkinter... I surely never saw such an option.

So I just wonder what made you think the option wasn't available?
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