Wanted: po file extract-merge script

Francesco scrutinizer at gmx.at
Sun Mar 14 11:06:44 CET 2004

Hello Python- Ng, 

I'm looking for a special script 

(I don't want to reinvent the wheel; have anyone written such a thing?
I've looked in google (and groups), but I didn't find anything

it such one doesn't exist yet,
I will write it myself, or someone is so good to support me:))

I would call it pomerge.py
pomerge.py it_collection.po my.po

I made a collection of strings, (i merged poedit po files and
wxwindows distribution po files into on)
BTW: Does there anyone exist a big collection file of all possible

(I would extract msgid as keys and msgstr as values into a

example (collection.pot)
msgid " Preview"
msgstr " Anteprima"

msgid "Envelope"
msgstr " busta"

msgid "&Close"
msgstr "&Chiudi"


(filter out msgid's)

msgid "Exit"
msgstr ""

msgid "Envelope"
msgstr ""

msgid "Next"
msgstr ""


output should be:

msgid "Exit"
msgstr ""

msgid "Envelope"
msgstr " busta"

msgid "Next"
msgstr ""

Great would be to ignore the '&' and the '\tctrl' characters, so a
translation is easier to find, and append then again in the output
Also I think for multiline string, there is a special procedure

Or do you have better suggestions?
Many thanks in advance for your answer!


Franz St.

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