PEP 328: Imports: Multi-Line and Absolute/Relative

Mike vimakefile at
Tue Mar 9 04:39:25 CET 2004

"Stephen Horne" <steve at> wrote in message
news:ra4q401p3ld92uthl6l34u8vfqq39567n0 at
> On 8 Mar 2004 15:24:56 -0500, aahz at (Aahz) wrote:
> >Here are the contenders:
> >      from .foo import
> >      from import
> I'd suggest taking a tip from VMS path syntax. A VMS relative pathname
>   [-----.dirname.dirname.dirname]filename
>   [-5.dirname.dirname.dirname]filename

I always liked the QNX path version:  "^^^file". (Same as ../../../file)
Easier to count than "."'s...

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