\r\n problem in cgi module?

Peter Hansen peter at engcorp.com
Sat Mar 20 23:40:06 CET 2004

Jane Austine wrote:

> I'm wrote a cgi script which saves some data in a file, which is
> POSTed from a HTML page.
> The HTML page includes:
> <textarea name="text" cols="80" rows="5"></textarea>
> Then I extract the "text" as such:
> f=cgi.FieldStorage()
> text=f['text'].value
> The surprise is "text" contains "\r\n" instead of "\n", when running
> on windows.
> Why does this happen, and what am I supposed to do? Isn't cgi module
> supposed to provide "universal_new_line"?

And the shortest solution for you is

  text = f['text'].value.replace('\r\n', '\n')


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