Sending bulk email from a Python script

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Tue Mar 9 02:02:53 CET 2004

"Simon Willison" <cs1spw at> wrote in message
news:2004030818081575249%cs1spw at bathacuk...
> On 2004-03-08 16:42:57 -0600, Steve Lamb <grey at> said:
> >     Install Mailman and make the list postable only by you.  :P
> We've already looked at mailman and a number of other packages. None of
> them fit our requirements as we need to be able to tie the list
> administration in to our existing user authentication / admin control
> panel, plus we want to tie the email lists to our membership databases.
> We've got most of the other infrastructure already, we just need an
> efficient way of sending out bulk emails to a large list of addresses.

If mailman is open source, you could maybe take from it what you need and
adapt it to fit into your existing system.


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