Computing test methods in unittest.TestCase

James Kew james.kew at
Tue Mar 2 19:03:23 CET 2004

"Jan Decaluwe" <jan at> wrote in message
news:4044BE1E.7000408 at
>> class FSMTest(unittest.TestCase):
>     ....
>     for st, trs in transitionTable.items():
>         for i, tr in enumerate(trs):
>             def _tmpfunc(self, st=st, tr=tr):
>                 sim = Simulation(self.bench(st, tr))
>             _tmpfunc.func_doc = "Check state %s - %s" % (st, getDoc(tr))
>             exec "test_%s_%s = _tmpfunc" % (st, i)
> This works, but uses some "ugly" tricks:
> * default arguments to pass context info. As the code is executed in
>   class context, not function context, I cannot use free variables.
> * The use of 'exec'. unittest looks for methods with name prefix
>   'test_' in the class namespace, and I didn't find another way
>   to achieve that.
> Anyone with better ideas?

Define the test methods after defining the class, and inject them into the
class with setattr:

class testClass:

def makeTest(param):
    def test(self):
        print "test: param=%s" % param
    return test

setattr(testClass, "test1", makeTest(1))
setattr(testClass, "testHello", makeTest("Hello"))

>>> t = testClass()
>>> t.test1()
test: param=1
>>> t.testHello()
test: param=Hello


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