win gui thoughts? perhaps a non-Pythonic approach?

asdf sdf asdf at
Fri Mar 26 00:27:37 CET 2004

Ian Sparks wrote:
> Consider doing the GUI with Delphi and the objects with Python?
> You can do this via Python COM wrappers or by embedding Python using Python for Delphi :
> Good luck.

this sounds like a good idea if i go with delphi.  my app might be 
simple, though, that the data-bound controls might be the only objects i 

does anyone think going for the all-python solution is the better way to go?

i'm looking at the BoaConstructor site now (a wxPython gui builder). 
looks like it does a lot.  but still alpha after four years.  that's a 
little unpromising to a newcomer.

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