OFF-TOPIC:: Why Lisp is not my favorite programming language

Dale King kingd
Thu Mar 4 00:38:53 CET 2004

"Matthias Felleisen" <matthias at> wrote in message
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> nobody wrote:
> Lisp has been declared dead for the past N years. Unlike Algol, Simula 67,
> Pascal, ... and many more languages that came and went, it is still alife
> kicking.

I really am not getting into the debate over lisp, but the notion that those
other languages are dead is not correct. I'm not sure there is a successful
language invented that has ever truly died. Interest in Simula for example
keeps growing. There is an annual conference for Simula and the attendance
grows every year.

I would bet that there is somebody somewhere still programming in ENIAC
assembly language.

Feel free to name a language that you think is dead and someone will tell
you someplace that it is still in active use.

  Dale King

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