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Thanks for all who answered my previous thread about large projects with python.

I thought about it a little and I'm not totally sure what size my project is so I decided to specify more or less what it requires from python. My question is, to what extent is python suitable for these tasks and how reliable is it in relation to each one of them?

The project will use wxPython for the user-interface, it will use python for multi-threading (but not for very heavy computation, just for seperating the user interface from the part of the program that monitors the hardware, for example), for communication inside a local network (including network overload avoidance considerations), for database operations (probably using sqlite and postgres), for general computations and simple file manipulations, and maybe for communicating with a server on the internet. It will not necessarily involve heavy computation, but may sometimes want to transfer large amounts of data through different computers on the network. It will also involve interaction with special hardware which will be implemented in C++. It will run on different flavours of Windows and should be very stable (by Windows standards).

Regarding the small bugs such as the ones that I found in urllib (that the proxies were ill retrieved and the whole operation failed on a seemengly non-related problem at a specific computer): what worries me more than the existence of small bugs, is their tendecy to appear on one computer and not on another, as in my example. How common is that in the python library in comparison to coherent bugs? Also, how fast are such small bugs usually fixed in the official release (both in case that I fix them myself and in case that I only complain)?



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