Writing dictionary output to a file

dont bother dontbotherworld at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 6 10:22:51 CET 2004

I have a simple problem:
I have this dictionary output as per the format I
desired :
index : value

However, I want to write this to a file, instead of
just printing out to the std output.
I tried to make a new string s= i+ ":" +v
and fwrite(s) to the file. First it does not work.
Second I loose the relationship of index with the
value which I dont want. Can some one point me how to
write this to a file while still preserving index:
value relationship as it is present in the current

Sorry for the basic questions, I am struggling with a

words = open('dictionary', 'r').read().split()
dct = {}
for i in xrange(len(words)):
     dct[words[i]] = i
     #print dct

for i, v in enumerate(dct):
	#s= i+":"+v
	print i,":",v

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