A 'Python like' language

Paul Rubin http
Sun Mar 28 00:23:40 CET 2004

"Jon Franz" <jfranz at neurokode.com> writes:
> > Yes, this seemed interesting to me too. But when arrived at the sentence
> > "Prothon only allows tabs for indentation" I couldn't continue reading ;-)
>   I think the move to tabs-only for indentation was to allow for
> single-pass compiling.  I'm not saying it was a good move, just that
> that's my guess for the reason :)

I can't comprehend how tabs instead of spaces makes single-pass
compiling any easier.  The main advantage I can see is it messes up
some Windows mailers, so maybe Windows won't pollute the dev process
as much ;-).

> What I found interesting was:
>  - the use of the Apache Portable Runtime
> (to provide threads, file and network services)
>  - native threads via locks on each object
>  - the stackless-ness
>  - multiple interpreters via native threads

Also of interest, the mark/sweep garbage collector instead of
reference counting.  That may make it easier to write C extensions
(fewer PY_DECREF errors to make).

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