GUI Frameworks in Python?

Andrew Malcolmson andzy at
Wed Mar 31 15:10:14 CEST 2004

GUI's seem to be more like documents than programs, so I wonder why
we're not considering more declarative type interface builders.  Is
there such a thing,  maybe that writes out a standard specification
file instead of code?  If it were XML, you could write a XSL filter to
make the all the modifications you needed to accomodate a different

Another thing: I understand that Miguel de (I forget), the Gnome guy,
has stated that the two programs that really have done cross platform
best are Mozilla and Abiword.  There was once a Python binding for
Mozilla's widget library XUL but I don't don't what's happended to
that.  Anone know if this is relevant to our discussion of cross
platform GUI's?

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