Why Python?

Michael Geary Mike at DeleteThis.Geary.com
Tue Mar 2 18:48:10 CET 2004

> Gerhard Häring wrote:
> > One debugging feature that Python doesn't support is
> > "edit-while-debugging" (edit the function/method) you
> > just debug, something which is possible in VB and VC6,
> > for example)

Jacek Generowicz wrote:
> Sorry ... what do you mean by "edit while debugging" ?

You can set a breakpoint in a function, and while stopped at that breakpoint
you can edit the code in that same function. Then, you can continue
execution and it will execute your new code.

As much as I dislike C++, Visual Studio's Edit and Continue feature is a
huge benefit. I often write the skeleton of a function, start the program
and trace into the function, and then write the code right there with the
program running, with live data to test while coding.

You can also change the execution pointer while stopped at a breakpoint. So
you can write some code and test it, and then if you want to change the code
and test it again, just move the execution pointer back to the beginning of
your code.


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