Windows NT Service and Sockets

Gandalf gandalf at
Thu Mar 4 15:21:01 CET 2004

>How can I used WaitForMultipleObjects() with sockets?  The code (shown
>below) respresents a very simple echo server using sockets.  I need
>WaitForMultipleObjects() so I can wait for both a new connection and
>the stop command from the service manager.
>Your help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks. 
>    def SvcDoRun(self):
>        sock = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM)
>        sock.bind(('localhost', 53574))
>        sock.listen(1)
>        connection, addr = sock.accept()
>        data = connection.recv(1024)
>        connection.send(data)
>        connection.close()
>        # We do nothing other than wait to be stopped!
>        win32event.WaitForSingleObject(self.hWaitStop,
It is common to use a different thread for your main program and other 
thread(s) to handle service
manager commands. Hint: you can use on the server socket 
object to wait for
an incoming connection for a certain amount of time.



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