Extending Python Syntax with @

Pierre Rouleau prouleau at impathnetworks.com
Thu Mar 11 04:13:45 CET 2004

David MacQuigg wrote:
> On Thu, 11 Mar 2004 01:28:47 -0000, claird at lairds.com (Cameron Laird)
> wrote:

> I guess this reflects our different backgrounds.  I've been an
> electronic design engineer for many years.  I never heard of lambda's
> or lambda calculus until learning Python, and the name still doesn't
> evoke much meaning for me.  I've never used APL, J, or Perl.  I wonder
> how many technical professionals who are *not* programmers would know
> what a lambda is?  I wonder if Python is becoming more a language for
> programmers, and less for "everyone".

I was trained as an EE myself and started programming in assembler on 
microprocessors, then in C , then in C++, reading, reading, reading,....

Just the mere fact that you are talking about lambda shows that you know 
what it is, as I do now and as people learning Python will know when 
they use it.  They'll learn, that why they are technical professionals, no?

I have no problem with the way Python uses lambda and I like the fact 
that it does not have cryptic keywords.  I don't need to think about the 
way things have to be written when I write Python programs, I think 
about system design.  I would think that a technical person that is not 
a programmer would like that too.


Pierre Rouleau

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