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Hello all,

For the last six months I have been working with Python for a certain multi-physics application (Fluid-Structure Interactions) related to my project. Beyond any doubt, Python proved to be extremely useful for my calculations and scripting needs. I am going to give a presentation at a conference next week, as part of which, I plan to highlight the importance and usefulness of python in research related to Multi-Physics. I have my own examples with which I can demonstrate this effectively, but then, with my very limited understanding and experience, I am not able to come up with better ideas. 

If I come to know of more succesful stories in Multi-Physics research using python, I would like to include them too in my presentation and emphasize the spirit of using python in scientific research. I know of few companies like CFDRC and laboratories like LLNL who use python extensively for the kind of research I am talking about(from web). Is there any other individual or company devoted to such research ? Please let me know. This information would be of great help to me in presenting my stuff better.

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