Need recommendations for installer setup tool

Noah noah at
Sat Mar 20 04:57:53 CET 2004

I'm currently writing install/setup scripts in bash and Python 
for installing our product on UNIX servers. Our products depends 
on several packages that need to be configured, compiled, and installed.
For example, we have an PHP product. The setup configures and installs
the following: Apache, openssl, mod_ssl, pnglib, php. Most of these
follow the standard "tar zxf, configure, make, make install"
(except for libpng... grrr...). The setup script asks a few basic questions
such as the root path for the install and some network information so
that it can configure name and ip based virtual hosting in Apache.
So each install script requires quite a bit of customization.
It's not just simple matter of copying a bunch of files to /usr/local/bin.

I would like something that could put a GUI on this process.
Not that this would make it any easier to use, but it would make it
easier to market :-P Ideally the installer would allow for both GUI and 
text based interfaces.

Are there any Python based products that would help me build these installers?
I'm trying to move away from the bash scripts and go with 100% pure Python.

Could RedHat's Anaconda be what I want? Most of the info I've seen for
it discusses how to use it to install Linux, not how to use it to build
custom installers for your own products.


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