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Mon Mar 8 05:05:20 CET 2004

After spending 1/2 hour next door at my neighbors house just yesterday, getting rid of virus / spam / spyware /general crap.
I noticed the machine (it's a compaq) also had python 2.2 on it.
I left it   :) ... for me I thought it would be good carma.

  "Abe and Barb K." <abenbarbk at> wrote in message news:mailman.71.1078594360.19534.python-list at
  I have a new HP computer that seems to have come with Python 2.2 with win32 extensions software.

  I'm not a programmer or tech and would like to know if I can just remove this software without affecting anything in my system as it is taking up space if I'm not going to use it?

  Thanks so much.
  Barbara K.
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