Is Eric S Raymond still a "Pythoneer"

Peter Hansen peter at
Thu Mar 4 07:09:16 CET 2004

Ville Vainio wrote:
>>>>>>"Paddy" == Paddy McCarthy <paddy3118 at> writes:
>     Paddy> from ESR on his scripting language tools. I would be
>     Paddy> interested to know if he still usesPython? Did he try any
>     Paddy> other "scripting" languages such as Ruby or Lua?
> Yes - for example he wrote a prototype of his SCO source code
> comparison tool in Python. I think he still mostly uses Python for the
> stuff he writes himself.

Another small data point: some work on the open source Python DNS server 
"oak" was done recently by ESR, as noted in the change logs or the credits.


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