Xemacs syntax highlighting

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Fri Mar 12 05:26:31 CET 2004

    Jay> I use xemacs and syntax highlighting for my IDE, but I'm not a big
    Jay> fan of the default syntax highlighting colors.  For instance, in
    Jay> 'def fun():' both 'def' and 'fun' are the same color.  

What version of python-mode.el are you using?  I use the latest version from
CVS (4.51).  "def" is a purplish color (as are all keywords).  The function
name is a reddish color.  Strings are green.  Comments are blue.  None of
the colors are too saturated though so even though it sounds garish it's not
too hard on the eyes.  The version which comes with the Python distribution
(4.41) probably uses the same color scheme.  I don't think much has changed
in that regard recently.


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