Unicode (Japanese) fonts in Images

Rich DONTEMAILME at ntlworld.com
Tue Mar 9 18:21:11 CET 2004

gabor <gabor at z10n.net> wrote in news:mailman.181.1078850811.19534.python-
list at python.org:

> On Mon, 2004-03-08 at 23:12, Rich wrote:
>> kanji = u'\ufffe\ua295\uc07b
> are you sure this you wrote this correctly?
>  tried to output the utf-8 encoded version of that string to a file and
> tried to open it in gedit,
> and gedit (he couldn't display it), but said that it is 9symbols
> long.... which i think is not correct....
> i don't know japanese, but i have a textfile with 2 jpn symbols, which i
> think are correct. try these:
> text = u'\u6708\u59eb'
> do they work?
> gabor

Bingo, so how did you do that?  All my japanese Kanji I get from web pages 
and I can cut and paste the text into photoshop and it work fine.  How's 
the best way for me to get these charaters into a form I can use like 

I thought that saving them in notepad as unicode, then opening that in a 
hex editor and using the values was the way forward but obviously not :(

Thanks for all your help


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