[OT] Compilable Python-like language?

Stefan Axelsson crap1234 at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 23 19:15:56 CET 2004

Donn Cave wrote:
[On the topic of Haskell]
> Did you mention indent structured?  (optionally.)  

Ah, no I didn't. Of course the offside rule counts. It's just so seldom 
someone actually *asks* for significant whitespace that it fell right 
out of my mind. :-) (No such thing in either O'Caml or Erlang though).

> I can't
> say I've heard of a noticeable trend towards the kind of
> industrial use you can see for Erlang, but Haskell is an
> adventure anyway - quite far away from Python, for sure.

No, and there's a few good reasons for that IMHO; chiefly that it's 
bloody impossible to have an intuition about the space/time usage of 
ones programs. Or rather, you have to have a PhD on the subject before 
you get any good at it. As it happens I right next to quite a lot of 
people who do, but I realise that's not true for everybody. :-)

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