Prothon Prototypes vs Python Classes

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Tue Mar 30 23:05:43 CEST 2004

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Charles Hixson wrote:

| Michael wrote:
| | They're planning to remove tab indention support in 3.0? I for
| one | would be pissed off at such a change. I don't mind people
| using | spaces if they like but I see no reason I shouldn't be able
| to use | tabs if I like. I can't see how it should make any
| difference to | Python which you use so why not allow for personal
| preference? | |> I'll just mention that there are ***very good***,
| that is |> ***extremely good*** reasons why the Python standard is
| to use |> spaces for indentation, and why the option of using tabs
| will be |> removed in 3.0. |> They can't possibly be good enough
| (for my needs).  That said, where can I check this.  I don't want
| to make important decisions on incomplete information.

Well, I've just checked the cvs source build (version of 2004/03/30),
and it handles files with tab-based indentation without problem or
warning.  So I suspect that it will continue to do so.  (I also
checked all the PEPs and the BDFL's commentary, and a few other places.)

I think someone was just spreading FUD.  (Quite effectively though, as
far as I'm concerned.)
There are good reasons to not mix tab indentation and space
indentation, and that would cause me no problems.  The other though

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