Pure Python HTTPS Server

Paul Rubin http
Mon Mar 1 02:28:53 CET 2004

trevp at trevp.net (Trevor Perrin) writes:
> > Use gmpy, http://gmpy.sf.net
> That's another couple modules users have to install though (GMPY and
> GMP).  I was thinking the current pow() implementation could be
> optimized a bit.

My lib is written to use gmpy when it's available and the default
stuff if "import gmpy" fails.  The default stuff is fast enough on
current desktop cpu's for most client side applications that I can
think of.  For a server app, you always want more speed, but asking
someone to install GMP (if it's not already present) is less onerous.
GMP is included by default in a lot of GNU/Linux distros.

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