Python Script for Running a Python Program over Different Files inthe Directory

Ivo Spam at
Sat Mar 13 19:13:56 CET 2004

look at the execfile( filename[, globals[, locals]])

command in de manpages

or the following
           execl( path, arg0, arg1, ...)

      execle( path, arg0, arg1, ..., env)

      execlp( file, arg0, arg1, ...)

      execlpe( file, arg0, arg1, ..., env)

      execv( path, args)

      execve( path, args, env)

      execvp( file, args)

      execvpe( file, args, env)

Use the other examples to iterate

"Shalen chhabra" <shalen_itbhu at> wrote in message
news:mailman.351.1079166133.19534.python-list at
> Hey,
> Can anyone give me a snippet for running a python program over all the
> in the directory.
> For ex:  I have ten files in a directory and I want to run a python
> against all of these files, I wish to do the same using another python
> instead of running each of these files one by one, which would be
> giving the argv of each file every single time.
> This can be easily done using a shell script but I just wanted to have a
> flavour of python for this.
> Thanks
> Shalen
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