Sorting Driving Crazy: URGENT: PLEASE HELP

Dang Griffith google0 at
Sat Mar 13 13:21:01 CET 2004

On 13 Mar 2004 03:26:00 -0800, xtian at (xtian) wrote:

>On a side note, you seem to be having a lot of difficulty getting a
>program to do what you want - have you worked through the tutorial
><>? The interactive
>prompt can be very useful to check that snippets of code do what you
>think they do.

dontbother, I think this is a good question.  You've been posting a
lot of questions that are covered in the tutorial.  I'm willing to
help kids with their homework, but not until they've not read the

If you went through the tutorial in the standard distribution, you
might want to look at for more
tutorials.  There are currently 77 tutorials listed on that site.


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