Prothon Prototypes vs Python Classes

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Wed Mar 31 18:04:33 CEST 2004

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> Peter Hickman <peter at> wrote in message
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> > I have never left a group because of the trolls.
> > I have never left a group because of the noobies.
> > I have left a group because of the constant whining about top posting.
> Then maybe you should consider leaving ?

Peter, while I am careful to quote, snip, and reply in a manner to make
coherent posts, I have been pretty tolerant of what others do.  Indeed, I
don't remember ever commenting about top-posting before this week.  (While
I may have, it has not been a priority issue for me.)

But when Mr. Hahn top-posted several sentences littered with several
unresolved references to 'this', 'you', 'suggestion', and something
'fragile', I 'rebelled', seeing how stupidly impolite was his implicit
demand that I spend several minutes scanning the previous post below to see
what he was talking about.  End of tolerance.  So I satirically, not
whiningly, top-posted a set of questions as to what the references referred

If that drives you off c.l.p., so be it ;-)  ... but I hope not.

Terry J. Reedy

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