Python as replacement for PHP?

Phil Roberts philrob at
Thu Mar 4 09:06:42 CET 2004

With total disregard for any kind of safety measures at (David M. Wilson) leapt forth and

> - Python gurus, when asked how to make something work, will
> often appear nasty and horrible, telling you you're doing
> entirely the wrong thing and you should go back to the drawing
> board. Much like the hot sting from a smack of a father's hand,
> this is good, not bad. It is there to direct and discipline you,
> and improve the way you think. 

> - PHP gurus tend to be experienced web developers, they'll be
> able to look flash and give you an answer on the spot, but that
> answer will only further lead to the demise of any structure
> your coding ever had. 

So, by your logic Python developers tend to be self-important 
assholes whereas PHP developers will give you an answer, but they 
expect you to have enough knowledge to implement it correctly?

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