Lincoln Rutledge lrutledge at
Mon Mar 22 15:49:42 CET 2004

That's right, it's a kind of Galaga for your terminal.  It sucks and is
broken in many ways.  The current development version is going to live
here for a while:

Just needs curses and random so far.

Press "l" to go right, "j" to go left, "space" to fire, "q" to quit.

Lots of bugs so when it dies, you may have to re-login b/c the terminal
is in a wierd mode thanks to curses.endwin() not getting run...

Since the window is 80x24, it is only mathematically possible to hit
about one in four aliens right now...

Each loop through is generated by your input, in other words it waits for
getch() before iterating to the next movement.  So you can single-step
through the failure...

The aliens collect on the bottom of the screen today, which is better
than yesterday when they never came down the screen at all...

I swear this wasn't so complicated when I did this in 7th grade on the
C64.  I even used a joystick and had custom graphics...

You can play it as is now though, and the code is less than 200 lines.

Have fun :)


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