Again: Please hear my plea: print without softspace

rzed rzantow at
Mon Mar 1 20:52:55 CET 2004

mb at (Martin Bless) wrote in
news:40448d4f.8911015 at 

> Ok, then back to where I startet. Let me asked again:
> "Can we have an additional 'print' statement, that behaves
> exactly like 'print' but doesn't insert blanks between
> arguments?" 

Probably not. 

I've wondered, though, whether there couldn't be a different 
character instead of a ',' to alter the behavior of print. Maybe a 
trailing '+' to indicate that what follows is to concatenate 

And yet I've been able to work around that little annoyance; it's not 
that there is no way to format output the way you want.


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