Python as replacement for PHP?

Ville Vainio ville at
Thu Mar 4 14:56:11 CET 2004

>>>>> "R" == R Rajesh Jeba Anbiah <ng4rrjanbiah at> writes:

    R> If you do *programming* without knowing what to pass to a
    R> function or what a function returns, you're a complete idiot as
    R> a idiot can be.  Moreover, if you take it as an argument

Occasionally, in absence of static typing, you might accidentally call
a function using a return value of another function as an argument and
they are not compatible. W/ python you notice it immediately; with PHP
or Perl your program starts behaving weirdly (if you don't check
return values that is) and you can't pinpoint exactly what went
wrong. This is what makes people run to statically typed languages,
believing that all dynamic typing is shoddy like this.

    R> against PHP, you're yet another ignorant and obviously you
    R> don't have any rights to speak about PHP nor anything.

I wasn't really talking about PHP, but the approach you took to attack
the arguments of OP (arguments which I agree w/ BTW, but that's
another story).

    R> Yes, people with functioning brain may already conculded that
    R> when you posted your previous message itself.

Previous message? The one you were replying to was the first I posted
to this thread.

    >>  Neither is Actually, we have remarkably few idiots in

    R> No problem. I could see here itself
    R> <>


Ville Vainio

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