CGI with python help newbie

Amy G amy-g-art at
Wed Mar 24 09:10:54 CET 2004

I appreciate the response...

But, when I try something like this...

from mod_python import apache

def handler(req):
    req.content_type = "text/plain"
    req.write("Hello World!")
    return apache.OK

it simply prints the code to the browser when I go to the page.

How do I get the interpreter working from within the browser.
Thanks in advance.

"Amy G" <amy-g-art at> wrote in message
news:uEa8c.39708$Bg.1320 at fed1read03...
> I have been doing some programming in python for a while now, but have
> always used perl for cgi scripting.  I would like to try using python
> because of its ease of programming.
> If I already have apache web server installed and have the python
> interpreter running with no problems.
> What is needed to get a python script working over my web server.
> For example I have the following:
> #!/usr/locla/bin/python
> print "Content-Type: text/plain\n\n"
> first, middle, last = 5, 7.5, 10
> print "first:", first
> print "middle:", middle
> print "last:", last, "\n"
> I would like it to print out to the browser:
> 5 7.5 10
> Any help?
> Thanks

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