python-dev Summary for 2004-02-01 through 2004-02-29

Roger Binns rogerb at
Thu Mar 18 08:18:12 CET 2004

> > Why would you need to dynamically add exceptions? My mind
> > is beginning to boggle trying to find a use case for this.

I do it.  I have some code that talks to pySerial.  On Windows
it can throw an exception type that is part of win32all and
hence not present on other platforms.

   modeignoreerrortypes=[ commport.CommTimeout,
                          common.CommsDeviceNeedsAttention ]
       import pywintypes

   # has to be tuple or it doesn't work

Later on in my code I detect a broken driver (most of the
time I am actually talking to USB to serial connections).
When that happens it starts giving dud exceptions which
I add to the above list (I only want to do it for the
broken driver, not all cases).


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