GUI Frameworks in Python?

Lars Heuer python at
Wed Mar 31 15:44:09 CEST 2004

Hi Andrew,

> best are Mozilla and Abiword.  There was once a Python binding for
> Mozilla's widget library XUL but I don't don't what's happended to
> that.  Anone know if this is relevant to our discussion of cross
> platform GUI's?

I think, Mozilla is relevant for x-platform GUIs
There is an interesting project (but wrong licence, in IMO), called
MozPython, which embeds Python into Mozilla.

pyXPCOM is still alive, but I think, the lack of pyXPCOM documentation
is a problem here.
ActiveState's Komodo is build with Mozilla and pyXPCOM

Another problem of Mozilla / XUL is, that you've to switch between
your programming languages: JavaScript for XUL and your favorite
programming language in the back. If your favorite programming lang
is JavaScript, you don't have to switch, of course. ;)

If someone is interested in Mozilla as platform, than the following
sources might be helpful:


ActiveState's site abt. pyXPCOM (outdated / dead?)

IBM dW serie about pyXPCOM

Best regards,

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