Dispatching and controlling Windows Media Player

Mickel Grönroos mickel at csc.fi
Fri Mar 5 15:32:14 CET 2004


I want to be able to dispatch and control Windows Media Player from my
Python application.

As a newbie to COM programming, I can't even seem to get the Windows Media
Player dispatched. (I follow the examples in Mark Hammonds Python
Programming on Win32.) I use Dispatch() from win32com.client, but I do not
know which parameter to use to get the media player up and running.

Basically this is a vague cry for help: Does anybody have any sample code
or other experience on using Windows Media Player from Python? That would
be of great help and get me started.

Thanks in advance,

Mickel Grönroos
Mickel Grönroos, application specialist, linguistics, Research support, CSC
PL 405 (Tekniikantie 15 a D), 02101 Espoo, Finland, phone +358-9-4572237
CSC is the Finnish IT center for science, www.csc.fi

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