[OT] Compilable Python-like language?

Richard James rmb25612 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 22 08:58:59 CET 2004

Ed Cogburn <edcogburn at hotpop.com> wrote in message news:<mailman.183.1079791608.742.python-list at python.org>...
> I'm just curious if such a beast exists out there.  I've googled around some 
> and read some programming language websites but I have yet to find a language 
> similar to Python that can be compiled to binary.  Have I been looking in the 
> wrong places?  I certainly can't be the only person to want a Pythonish 
> language that can be compiled.  Even a language that just uses Python's basic 
> syntax characteristics (no end-of-statement markers, use indentation to denote 
> code blocks, less verbose syntax overall, etc) without the advanced dynamic 
> and OO features would still be interesting to me (indeed, it would really have 
> to lose most of the dynamic characteristics in order to make it a compilable 
> language, which is why we don't have compile-to-binary Python, right?).  Is 
> there such a thing?

Ed, have a look at "The Great Win32 Computer Language Shootout":

It benchmarks 51 different scripted and compiled languages to give you
a feel for relative perfomance:

And you can look at the source code of 25 different benchmarks in each
of the 51 different languages!

Other languages not on the Shootout list:

Euphoria: If you want to spend a little money (free to try).
The full version generates C source code from Euphoria scripts that
can be compiled for either Windows or Linux!

Also xBLite for Windows looks interesting (a modern BASIC with Windows

And Gui4Cli Windows Scripting language. 
You can easily add your own dlls via C compiler or call Python from it
or control other Windows or Dos programs with it.

-- R.J.

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