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> Hi
> I have been using Python for the past 2 years in commercial environment
> One lacking feature is inline comments like in C /* this is comnment */
> What is a chance of introducing it to next release of Python ?

To get something like that into Python you need to

1) get some enthusiasm behind it here

2) submit a proposal (called a PEP) with a use
case that shows that the feature is worth more than
the code needed to make it work,

and 3) submit the code.

My own personal feeling goes along with the XP
crowd.  A comment is a slight code smell: it says that
the code itself is not as expressive as it needs to be.

There are times when a comment is undoubtedly
justified, but I'd be more inclined to ask whether I
could fix the code so I didn't need the comment,
rather than whether I could fix the language so I could
comment better.

John Roth

> Regards,
> Tom

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