Python as replacement for PHP?

Peter Maas fpetermaas at
Wed Mar 3 15:52:20 CET 2004

CountScubula schrieb:
> You also need to look at what each language was desgined for, sure I can
> write a dynamic web page in bash or korn, but why?  Perl was written to do
> large extraction and reporting of text files, Python was written as a server
> language

I don't think so. It seems Python was written as a rapid development
language without a specific application range. That's an advantage
because you can get a lot of different jobs done very well. That's
a disadvantage because there's no no-brainer like "Python is for ...".

A family of marketing phrases comes into mind:

- Python is NOT for device drivers.
- Writing a device driver? Beware of Python!
- OS kernels? Don't even think of Python!


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