how to use activex in wxpython with event support

Paul H. Milenkovic cspeech at
Tue Mar 2 04:23:07 CET 2004

I think the problem is with ActiveX controls developed in Delphi -- I am having the same CONNECT_E_CANNOTCONNECT error message at that same point when I try to use ActiveX control I have developed in Delphi.

The problem is in the call to the Advise function to an object implementing IConnectionPoint, and the problem is that the event sink (i.e. the interface class to receive events on the Python side) doesn't support the required IDispatch interface (the def Advise() function  in the source code asks for an IDispatch of what I believe is the event sink).  I am going to look if the generated wrapper for a Delphi ActiveX is different than for a Microsoft implemented ActiveX.
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